Analysis: Ways Cruising Will Be Different In The Future

Currently, most cruise companies across the world are under a months-long cruise moratorium, leaving very few ships in the ocean’s waters. But cruising will resume someday, probably slowly but surely over the summer. In the meantime, cruise industry watchers are speculating about major changes that cruise companies and governments will likely make to the way the industry operates when cruising resumes. recently published a very insightful article on the future of cruising, which listed 9 ways cruising may be different in the future. We’ll take a look at four of them here.

Health Screenings – Passengers can expect to be required to fill out health questionnaires, have their temperatures monitored for fever, and be subjected to other health-related processes in an attempt to prevent coronavirus outbreaks aboard the ships. 

Bargains – Though prices have not yet dropped to the lowest levels expected, industry watchers say that prices could drop between 25-30% when cruising picks back up again. 

Modified Itineraries – Cruise ports across the world are currently closed, and information about when they may reopen is currently uncertain. Because of this, the typical cruise itinerary from just two months ago may not return for some time. Cruise lines will have to come up with new itineraries based on the ports that are open at the time. 

Restrictions on who can cruise – The article points out that when the coronavirus threat became abundantly clear to cruise line officials, they began to implement policies that prohibited people over 70 years of age or those with preexisting medical conditions from cruising. These measures may remain in place when cruising resumes.