40 People Have Now Tested Positive For Coronavirus Following Post-Pandemic Cruise

CNN.com reports that the number of people who have contracted coronavirus while sailing aboard a Norwegian cruise ship in recent weeks has grown to at least 40.

Initial reports on Friday indicated that four crewmembers had contracted coronavirus during a recent sailing aboard the MS Roald Amundsen cruise ship. Since the initial report, a total of 36 crew members have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus as well as four guests.

As a result of the outbreak authorities have placed the MS Roald Amundsen on lockdown in the Norwegian city of Tromso per protocol. 

The MS Roald Amundsen is a 535-passenger vessel owned by cruise company Hurtigruten. The ship had sailed two previous voyages on which passengers may have been exposed to coronavirus: a July 17 voyage carrying 209 passengers and a July 24 voyage carrying 178 passengers. Authorities are attempting to locate these previous passengers and test them for the virus. 

Hurtigruten’s VP of Global Communications said in a statement that the company is working closely with Norwegian officials and focusing all available efforts on taking care of crew members and guests.