2 Princess Cruises Passengers Die As Ship Is Finally Allowed To Dock

The Coral Princess cruise ship arrived at Port Miami today, carrying several passengers who were sick with COVID-19. Authorities pronounced two people aboard the ship dead, and fear that they may have died from the virus. 

CNN.com reports that the Coral Princess set sail on March 5 from Chile. The voyage was planned to end March 19 in Argentina, but everything went wrong. Coronavirus turned the travel world upside down and cruise companies stopped sailing. The Coral Princess’ passengers found themselves virtually trapped aboard the ship as port after port refused to allow the vessel to enter.

In a statement, Miami mayor Carlos Giminez said, “I want to offer my condolences to the families of the loved ones of the two people who died from Covid-19 on that ship. It is heartbreaking news.”

“Our hearts go out to their family, friends and all who are impacted by this loss,” Princess said in a separate statement. 

The company announced that 12 passengers tested positive for COVID-19.