16 Year-Old-Killed After Being Struck by School Bus Just Before Christmas

Tragedy struck in the days before Christmas when 15-year-old Natasha Dwyer was hit and killed by a school bus in West Palm Beach. 


Sun-Sentinel.com reports that Natasha and her mother, Latoya Jackson, had agreed that Natasha would not text message while walking to the bus stop and that Natasha would text her mom every day when she was safely on the bus. 

When Jackson did not receive her customary text on Wednesday, December 18, she panicked and reached out to her daughter by phone, but did not receive a response. She called her daughter’s school, which told her to call St. Mary’s Hospital. Though Jackson was prepared to hear that her daughter was injured, she was unprepared for what the hospital told her: that her daughter had been struck by the school bus and killed. 

The Sun-Sentinel report says that at the intersection where the bus struck Natasha only middle school an elementary school students have crossing guards.