12-year-old Boy Mysteriously Dies Aboard MSC Cruise in Italy

Newsweek is reporting that a 12-year-old boy suddenly died as he and his family sailed aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship in Italy. 

The ship was traveling from Palermo, Italy, to Calgliari when the boy died. Though his parents sought medical assistance from crew members aboard the ship, their efforts to resuscitate him were not successful. 

After his death, the unidentified victim’s parents and two brothers were taken to a hospital in the Italian city Sardinia where they were placed under quarantine, Newsweek reports. A spokesperson for MSC said that the quarantine is standard procedure and lasted only a few hours. 

Officials have not indicated the nature of the boy’s illness or injuries nor his cause of death.

The Newsweek report indicates that the boy had been feeling ill during the first leg of the voyage, but apparently continued with the cruise after undergoing a medical exam. 

“The cause of this matter has not been identified yet, however, out of respect for the deceased and his family, and to respect medical privacy, we are unable to disclose any further details,” the spokesperson for MSC Cruises said.