$10 Million Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Viking Sky

In March 2019 the Viking Sky cruise ship made headlines when it suddenly lost power while sailing off the coast of Norway. The ship was in the midst of a powerful storm when the power loss occurred, leaving passengers and crew vulnerable to the choppy waves. Many people were injured in the incident, some seriously. Now, some passengers who were on the ship during the terrifying event are filing a class action lawsuit against Viking.


FoxNews.com reports that the passengers are filing a $10 million lawsuit against the ships operator. The suit claims that the area in which the ship became stranded is a known trouble spot, and that the Sky’s captain should have avoided it. 

Two plaintiffs who have reportedly already signed on to the suit are a wife who suffered fractured ribs during the incident, and her husband who remains hospitalized with an infection stemming from a back injury he suffered as the ship tossed about.

The Sky’s plight made headlines as Norwegian rescue personnel airlifted hundreds of people from the disabled ship. Videos of the vessel’s interior show people and furniture being thrown about as the ship listed violently in the sea.