Why Should I Choose You for My Brain Injury Case?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  The reason why you should hire a specialist in brain injuries is because they’re tough to prove. Sometimes, they’re tough to prove. You may have a brain injury and look 100 percent normal to everybody in the room, but if you told your story, and if you started talking, and you said what happens to you during the day, then people might understand that you forget where you are, you forget where you’re going. You have headaches. You’re cranky. You don’t enjoy life. You can’t sleep at night. And, there are other things and other signs and symptoms of a brain injury. A lot of times, you cannot see a brain injury on an MRI. Most of the time, you cannot see it on a CT scan, a cat scan. Mostly, though all those scans are negative, but there are ways to show and ways to prove brain injuries. We do them and have numerous brain injury cases right now and we have had for 30 years.

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