Types of Medical Malpractice or Negligence Cases We Handle

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Medical malpractice cases can be divided up into a couple of different categories. One is misdiagnosis. So, the first question is, “Did he or she make a mistake?” The second question is, “Did the mistake cause your injury?” So, misdiagnosis is the first kind of medical negligence case, and very common. The second common medical negligence case is where a physician makes a mistake, let’s say in surgery, in regard to the treatment. And then thirdly, you know just after surgery, very common, after surgery they don’t follow you, don’t monitor you, and something goes wrong. They give you either the wrong antibiotics or they give it to you too late, things can happen. Not only is timing everything, but you have to get the right medication, the right treatment. So those are some examples of medical negligence.