If I Suspect Medical Malpractice, What Should I Do?

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First of all, you should call a lawyer, but you should call a lawyer in the location where you have to bring a claim and somebody who specializes in medical negligence. One of the first things I tell people when they call is, have you gone back to the doctor and told the doctor—if this is appropriate—have you told the doctor: Hey, I still have the pain here? Or, hey, the surgery did not turn out well. If the answer is yes, and the doctor blew me off, or that he’s not listening to me, or she’s not listening to me, or they’re prescribing the same thing over and over—I get it, and you should not be going back there. You should get a second opinion. That’s the second thing I tell people. Get a second opinion from a physician. Sometimes, people call lawyers when they should be calling another doctor. 

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