Can You Sue The Cruise Line Company if You Contract COVID-19 On a Cruise?

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Transcript: If you contract COVID-19 while you’re on a cruise, could you have a legal claim against the cruise line? We asked Florida attorney, Jack Hickey, in this AskTheLAwers.Com Quick Question.

The answer is yes, there’s a possibility for a claim. There’s a couple of questions. One is, can you show that you got COVID-19 from what they did or did not do on the cruise ship? That’s number one. The cruise lines certainly wanted to deny COVID-19, did not take the steps they should have in the beginning. They avoided telling people about it. They did not have their crew members wear masks, specifically in the beginning, it’s unbelievable now.

Number two is, if you suffered a little bit and got better 100%, it’s probably not a significant injury. But if you have been on the ventilator, you’re pretty much not going to be the same for the rest of your life. So, this thing can really cause significant injury – and yes, there can be a lawsuit there.