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Slips, trips, and falls are far too common, and the injuries caused by these often-avoidable accidents can wreak havoc on your health, finances, and future well-being. Property owners and managers have a duty to ensure their premises are safe and free of hazards. When you suffer an injury on someone’s dangerous property, you may have grounds to pursue compensation for your damages and losses.

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you need the knowledge and skill of an experienced attorney on your side. John H. (Jack) Hickey is a nationally-renowned attorney with extensive experience with slip and fall cases. When a specialist in life-changing injuries is needed, people choose Hickey Law Firm. 

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What are the Common Causes of Slips and Falls?

Image of a sign warning ship passengers of a wet floorA slip and fall can occur anywhere, at a private home, grocery store, restaurant, cruise ship, and countless other public and private premises. Most commonly, these accidents result from:

  • Wet and slippery floors: Spilled liquids and tracked-in snow should be immediately cleaned. Signs should be placed after a floor is mopped to warn visitors of a potentially slick surface.
  • Cluttered floors: The risk of tripping and falling drastically increases when floors are cluttered. Potential hazards include store merchandise left in aisles, trash, supplies, equipment, and much more.
  • Damaged floors and stairs: Any time a walking surface can shift under a person’s weight while he or she is stepping or climbing stairs, falls can happen. Loose or broken stair treads or handrails, torn carpet and mats, loose floor tiles and floorboards can all pose significant risk for injury.
  • Inadequate lighting: Insufficient light makes it difficult to safely walk or climb stairs. Obstacles, uneven surfaces, and steps are all hard to see in poorly lit environments. Vision can also be lost, resulting in a fall, when moving from a well-lit area into sudden darkness.
  • Holes: Trenches, holes, and other uneven, unleveled walking conditions should be covered, fixed, or marked with warning signs or fencing to ensure the safety of visitors.

Property owners and managers of properties have an obligation to make sure their premises are free of dangers. If you were hurt on someone’s property, our attorneys will discuss your case for free and explain your legal options.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

While some falls result in only scrapes and bruises, others can cause severe injuries that changer the course of a victim’s life. A serious injury can prevent you from working or performing simple everyday tasks. You may require extensive medical care and extended therapy. Common injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents include:

  • Brain injuries: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can significantly impair a victim’s cognitive, language, and motor skills. The consequences of a TBI can be lifelong and life-altering.
  • Spinal cord injuries: This type of catastrophic injury can cause partial or complete paralysis.
  • Broken bones: For some, a broken bone may require a cast and inhibit the ability to earn a wage during recovery. For elderly slip and fall victims, a broken hip can be life-threatening.
  • Soft tissue damage: Even if you may not think a sprain is very serious at the time, strains and sprains can have far-reaching consequences. They may ultimately make it difficult or impossible to perform your job duties. Surgery may be necessary to correct ligament damage.

In the most tragic cases, an injury sustained in a slip and fall accident can be fatal. If you’ve lost someone you love because of another’s negligence, you may have grounds to pursue compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Infographic: Why Are Seniors More Likely to Slip and Fall

How do you prove liability in Slip and Fall Cases?

Slip, trip, and fall accidents fall under the legal umbrella of premises liability. In these types of cases, property owners are held liable for negligence in the repair, maintenance, or upkeep of a property that ultimately results in injury.

If you slipped and fell because of someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. While every case is different, property owners and managers may be liable for slips and falls that occurred on their property if:

  • Their action or inaction created conditions that led to your injury.
  • They were aware of hazards and did nothing to fix them.
  • They failed to adequately warn about risks and dangerous conditions to help you avoid injury.

Proving liability in a slip and fall case can be incredibly complex. Hickey Law Firm has successfully handled these types of cases for decades. We have the experience and resources necessary to help you obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve in even the most complicated cases.

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