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Miami injury attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey has a national reputation as a personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer and as a maritime and cruise line lawyer. His clients are from all over the United States — from all over the world, in fact. Whether you are one of the honest, seriously injured people harmed as a result of the negligence of a company or a product, or you require representation in commercial litigation, read the testimonials below. Contact Hickey Law Firm, P.A. today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Congratulations on your recent election to the Bar’s Board of Governors.
- Jacqueline Hogan Scola
Dear John: We received and thank you for the trust account check representing our portion of attorney fees. This was a difficult case, and we appreciate the professional manner in which you and your firm handled the claim. Please express my thanks to your staff as well. With best wishes, I remain Sincerely, OWEN, GALLOWAY & MYERS, P.L.L.C.
- Ben F. Galloway
Dear Jack and the Whole Hickey Law Family, I would like to take a moment of your time to give some recognition as well as words of thanks for all you have done for me as well as my family. First, I would like to share with you how much I appreciate all of the hard work you as well as your whole legal team completed on my behalf. I remember the first time we spoke by phone and reviewed my case that you said two things to me. You said that you were going to “get to know me better than I know me” and that by the time this would be over that “I would be tired of speaking with you and your team”. On that first statement you were correct. As you are aware, there were times when you informed me of specific injuries I sustained as a result of my accident of which I would have never known occurred. It was only because of your thoroughness and complete attention to detail that some of these events were discovered. As a result, the cost of future surgery was also recovered in my settlement. Concerning the second part of your statement, I assure you that neither my wife nor I ever got tired of speaking with you or those on your team representing me. As a matter of fact, I do feel that my wife and I have had another whole family of friends join our life and we do plan on visiting whenever we are in the Miami area. Secondly, I must share with you how impressed I am with you. When I speak to friends or family about my injuries I tell them “that God allowed me to survive” and that “Jack has allowed me to live”. Even though I will never be able to work again, I can live the life style that I had previous to my accident as well as know that my family has been taken care of financially for their needs. For this, there are no words that can express my gratitude. Your work ethics as well as passion for your clients well being is evident. Never in my life have I even imagined how hard someone would work to help me. Thirdly, I want to acknowledge all of Hickey Law Firm. From those who answer the phones and always make me feel welcome to those who have done so much “behind the scenes” work. Any office that works as well as a well-oiled machine can only have one result…success. Even now as we wrap up all loose ends, I am meeting the most polite and professional individuals, who by the way, are just as thorough. Lastly, I want to address the bottom line…RESULTS. This also surpassed our expectations. At times my wife and I seemed overwhelmed by accusations of the Defense Team and you were somehow always able to put us at ease and assure us that these concerns were just legal tactics. You were always able to overcome any “distractions” and keep moving forward. It is this determination that delivered results for me as well as my family. To us you are not just an Attorney, you are the guy who got my children an education, gave my wife and I a piece of mind and gave a sense of closure to my whole family. To you and your whole team a simple “Thank You” cannot even come close to expressing my gratitude. However, I know of no other words to express my appreciation for you. I do know one thing, if I ever need an Attorney I would know right where to go and who to see. I would also recommend that any person in need of an Attorney to contact Hickey Law Firm for the best and most complete representation anyone could ask for. Thanks Jack, “for all you have done” Sincerely,
- Royce L. (Lint) Holsey III
Dear Mr. Hickey, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff. Mr. Appleby came to New Jersey. He made me feel very comfortable talking and reliving my fall. He was very compassionate. He knew just what I was going through. I would be proud to give Hickey Law Firm, P.A. a great recommendation for anyone that would contact me. My experience was great with each and everyone I was in contact with. Again thank you very much. Very Truly Yours,
- Janet Q.
Sandy, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Hickey, you, and the rest of your staff.  I truly appreciate all the work that was put into my son’s case. I know it took a long time, but even with the difficulties we faced, everything turned out in a positive way. I wish you all well and will definitely keep you in mind in case we need your services again. Thanks again
- Gemma Perez
Jack: I wanted to write you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts and professionalism in getting my case settled. It certainly took a lot longer than I figured but the wait was well worth it. Your staff was also very helpful, especially Darby, who would always respond to my calls and questions promptly. Teri Robinson was also very helpful and professional in getting the medical costs negotiated. Overall, I’m very pleased with the services provided by your firm and would highly recommend you to other clients. You certainly know the cruise industry and have developed a very successful practice. Thanks again for your efforts and I wish the best for you and the staff at Hickey Law Firm, P.A.
- Tim Behrens
Jack, I have your November 3rd letter and its generous enclosure. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you bring this case to an excellent conclusion and hope that my hand-holding efforts with Carol helped in some small way. I know that Carol is very happy with the outcome of the case and she is well aware (from me) that slip and falls are never a lock. Furthermore, She also knows that without surgery it took a person of your experience and skills to have it settle the way it did. Thanks again for taking good care of her. I hope I can send other matters your way in the near future. Warmest regards
- John Gramont
“Thank you. Regards to all of you over there. I already miss the contact I had with Darby, Mr. Hickey and I miss action adrenaline we passed thru together. Once again , it was a great part of my life to have Hickey Law Firm, P.A. working on my case.”
- Goran Bakalar
Hello Jack: Now that all is said and done, both Alan and I want to thank you and your staff for representing us so well in our lawsuit against Celebrity. We are satisfied with the settlement and feel vindicated. Thank you all for your hard work and guidance. It’s been quite an ordeal and one we’re glad is over. We would be pleased to recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation and needs a tenacious law team. Best to you,
- Emile and Alan