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Goodfellow v. Roudhouse Grill jury verdict against a Roadhouse Grill restaurant in favor of a woman who injured her hand on a bench, requiring multiple hand surgeries. Read more about this case in our “In The News” section.


Doe v. Cruise line. crewmembers sexually assault passenger


Slip and fall resulting in fracture of wrist and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) requiring multiple surgeries.


Wrongful death on cargo ship


Doe v. Shipping line. Wrongful death.


Doe v. Cruise line. Bench collapsed and caused back injury to passenger requiring surgery.


awarded in a car accident lawsuit in Miami, Florida, to the driver of a van hit by a tow truck.


awarded in a personal injury lawsuit against the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, to a University of Miami student who sustained multiple orthopedic injuries after she was hit by an uninsured motorist while she was participating in a scavenger hunt organized by the university.


Bello v. Pioneer Shippint et. al.  Plaintiff was struck by a falling crane boom and cable resulting in multiple fractures and injuries throughout his body. His right shoulder, arm, and hand were crushed.


received in a medical malpractice case against a cardiologist who misdiagnosed a heart attack, which resulted in the patient’s death.


Doe v. Cruise Line. Crewmember suffered back injury and broncospasm due to chemical exposure.


Cornelius v. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Settlement on the final day of trial for a cruise ship passenger who suffered injury from a loose seat in a cruise ship spa. The passenger was seated on a stool at the spa when, because of negligent maintenance and inspection, the loose seat came off, causing her to fall 4 to 5 feet to the ceramic floor and suffer through nearly 8 years of extensive medical treatment for her back, as well as what is likely a lifetime of chronic back pain.


Passenger v. Cruise line. Slip and fall resulting in fractured leg and severe injury to right ankle. 


Medical malpractice


Plaintiff fell off stage while participating in a charity event


Car accident.


Sexual assault resulting in aggravation of serious psychological and psychiatric condition 


received for a slip and fall on a cruise ship, which resulted in permanent mid-carpal ligament damage to the right hand of a chiropractor.


awarded in a personal injury lawsuit against Sunrise Music Theater in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to a woman who injured her knee in a slip and fall, which required arthroscopy and a knee replacement.