18 Students Hospitalized Following West Palm Crash Involving School Bus

WPTV reports that 18 students were taken to the hospital after being involved in a crash while riding on their school bus. 

The collision occurred on Thursday morning at 45th Street near Congress Avenue when the school bus, carrying William T. Dwyer High School students, collided with a tractor trailer. A police officer told WPTV that the school bus struck the semi as the vehicles were traveling west.

Though the officer did not place blame, a student who was riding on the school bus at the time of the crash placed the blame with the driver of the tractor trailer. “A big semi truck, it was speeding and it ran a red light and hit us on the side,” Dyteria Horne told WPTV. 

Students were understandably terrified both during and after the collision, with one saying that she hit her head and neck and thought she almost died. Another student told WPTV that she does not want to ride the bus anymore. 

A representative for St. Mary’s Medical Center, where the students were treated, said that their injuries were minor. The report says that the students were taking to the hospital as a precaution.