Six Confirmed Dead Following Monday’s Cruise Excursion Plane Crash

Six people are confirmed dead following Monday’s tragic cruise excursion plane crash in Alaska. reports that the passengers were taking part in two separate excursions from a Royal Princess cruise ship, both excursions being aerial tours. The float planes carrying the two groups collided in midair, leaving six people dead. Initially authorities confirmed that four people had been killed and two were missing. But after recovering the remains of the two missing victims the death toll rose to six.

The tragedy occurred in the area of Ketchikan, Alaska and involved an airplane operated by Taquan Air and another plane operated by a separate company. Published reports indicate that Princess Cruises marketed the excursions to the victims.

Taquan Air was reportedly involved in a separate crash in 2018. In that incident an aircraft carrying 11 passengers suffered a crash landing, but all passengers survived.