Florida Family Asks the State for Help after Denial of Medical Malpractice Claim

In September 2014, 39-year-old Tommy Myers died following a dental procedure. Dr. Veronica Thompson, who treated Myers, applied too much sedation, causing Myers to stop breathing. Two days later the Myers family removed life support. WFLA.com reports that Dr. Thompson not only applied too much sedation, but also failed to follow proper protocol for handling emergency situations once it was clear that Tommy was in trouble.

Myers was an adult with special needs, and was cared for by his family. But when they tried to sue Dr. Thompson for malpractice, the family was denied due to a Florida law which prevents parents of adult children from recovering for medical malpractice. Now, the family is asking the state for help in seeking justice. 

Though the Board of Dentistry voted to revoke Thompson’s license, the state’s Department of Health has yet to move to hold her accountable.

WFLA.com reports that, unlike medical malpractice, parents of adult children can sue for wrongful death in cases of car crash, nursing home negligence, and slip and fall.