Bicyclist Killed and Six Others Injured Following Davie Distracted Driving Crash

A bicyclist was killed, and six other people were injured, after being struck by a vehicle in Davie.

The family of the deceased cyclist was interviewed by CBS Miami after 53-year-old Denise Marsh was struck and killed as she rode her bike on State Road 84 with a group of bike riders. The other cyclists involved in the crash included a boy who is just 14 years old.

33-year-old Nicole Vanderweit was driving her Honda and reportedly was distracted at the time she struck the group of cyclists. Vanderweit says she was fumbling with something in the passenger’s side of the car and also had the sun in her eyes when she struck the group.

CBS News reports that it is still unclear whether or not Vanderweit will face criminal charges for the crash.