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Miami injury attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey has a national reputation as a personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer and as a maritime and cruise line lawyer. His clients are from all over the United States — from all over the world, in fact. Whether you are one of the honest, seriously injured people harmed as a result of the negligence of a company or a product, or you require representation in commercial litigation, read the testimonials below. Contact Hickey Law Firm, P.A. today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

C. Davidson

More than an astonishing lawyer, you are a really nice guy too with an incredible passion for what you were born to do. I will be writing the reviews myself too in the other places (yelp, etc) in the next few days.

However, the greatest compliment that can be given to someone of your nature and status will be client referral. Referral, not just for the sake of paying you back but mostly for the benefit of the referred who stands to gain immensely from your legal team's tenaciousness. I stand ready to do that at any opportune moment. I know that you know that behind every great man in history, there has always been an equally great and inspiring (moderating force) woman - extend my greetings to your wife.

C. Davidson

Shirley W.

Good day, I just wanted to let you know I did not forget you all. 

Any way I do thank you all for everything you did for me. I never had a lawyer fight for me like you did. But I can say you all wre good fighters. Thanks once again and have a Merry Christmas. 



C. Davidson

Hello Jack and Bjorg,

I have been meaning to write you two since Dec 6th but as good as I try to be with written words (to compensate for the funny accent), I still could not find the right words to express my profound gratitude. It just dawned on me that the longer I wait, the more unappreciative I appear to be when on the contrary I am actually blown away by your feistiness, dedication, compassion and kindness. What happened to us will never be totally forgotten but together, you have made the journey to resolution, recovery, and closure as smooth as it could possibly be. Jack, you were all that I expected and a lot more. Thank you for the wild card that you added with the introduction of Bjorg to the case. Bjorg, thank you for your calm, calculating and tactical approach to the case. The attention to details was awesome. Your mellow but confident aura was always very soothing to all of us. It is funny, Jack's presence makes me just want to fight but your presence forces me to ask myself, "what's the best way to fight". So, with you two present, I was kept in check and compelled to fight most effectively.

"Whatsoever a man (and or a woman) sows, that he (or she) shall reap"... Galatians 6:7-9. Whereas this Eternal Law is perfect justice and cannot be abolished, negotiated, abrogated nor rescinded, and whereas the afore mentioned Law can also not be amended, repealed, revoked nor annulled, it is forever changeless. Hence, as you have done unto me and my household, so shall it be done unto you and your household (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31) with love and utmost consideration when and where you least expected.

I am grateful that I choose your law firm over all the other ones. Yes, experience, leadership, result and "publicity gene" drew my attention to you. All of these mattered a lot to me but in the end it was the professionalism, integrity and love that made the most impression on us.

I can't thank you two enough. Remain blessed, very blessed.

With love, lots of love,

C. Davidson



Just a quick note to confirm we received your check and take a moment to thank you for your efforts and the kindness extended to us during the process.  We are aware in the scheme  of things this was and insignificant matter but to us it was a huge deal.  We were frightened and a bit overwhelmed.  Each of you took the time to guide us, reassure us and generally get us through the process.  We won’t soon forget your kindness and expertise, without you it would have been a very traumatic experience.  We assure you we shall have nothing but the most complimentary thoughts and comments  about your firm.

With very best regards,


Max, Former Premise Liability Client

Thanks to all of you for your help with the case and the absolutely great result!

I slipped at a fastfood restaurant and broke my ankle during my vacation in Florida. I had no idea what I should do so I contacted Hickey Law Firm. They answered very fast and reviewed my case.
Everyone was very nice and helpful and made a really competent and capable impression. They guided me through the whole case and came quickly to a great and satisfying settling without going to court.
If you need any legal assistance this is the law firm you should go to!


Testimonial from Doris, Cruise Ship Passenger Case


I considered myself fortunate that Attorney J. Hickey of Miami accepted me as his client and represented me at my lawsuit. 

He's well-known in Florida and has many years of experience in all areas that I needed.  He was always very professional

yet very sympathetic and provided helpful guidance when I needed it.  He brought my suit to a successful and satisfying


I am giving him my highest recommendation---Excellent (a 10!)


Testimonial from Susan, Cruise Ship Passenger Case

Dear Mr. Hickey:

When a local (known) attorney told me that I would have to use a "Miami lawyer", for my case, I was dubious about what to expect. However, your firm quickly reassured me and they were more than helpful.

I was contacted quickly and guided through all of the steps, forms, and questionnaires that I needed to complete. You called several times to inform me about what to expect, answer my questions, and discuss your concerns about my injury. Our conversations were very pleasant , you were easy to talk to, and you explained facts so that I could understand them. You and Andrea returned calls promptly and were always willing to take as long as needed to discuss information. I never felt rushed or that my concerns were unimportant.

Later when Bjorg Eikeland took over, we spoke often. Again, I was led through the process step by step, and felt that she really cared about my injury. She made me feel very comfortable, kept me informed about what was going on, and was totally supportive. Bjorg called me immediately after the settlement, and we shared our excitement!

The entire process was simple and painless. Your whole firm was professional, helpful, and supportive and made me feel that I, and my case, were important. I would definitely recommend Hickey Law Firm to friends or anyone who needs their services.

Thank you all for what you did for me, and for your kind approach and concern while you were handling my claim.


Testimonial from Jared Adkins

Thanks again for all that you did for our family. - Jared

"Jack Hickey deserves every bit of his excellent reputation. From the beginning through the end of the process, Jack and his team were thorough, well prepared and determined in securing the best outcome for our family. There is no one else I would want on my team. - Jared Adkins"

Non-Testimonial Letter from Presidents to our Client, Brooks Robinson


The letter on the left is from President George H. W. Bush to Brooks Robinson.  The letter on the right is from President Barack Obama to Brooks Robinson.  Both are about an accident which Brooks Robinson suffered when he fell off of the stage at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.  John H. (Jack) Hickey represented Robinson, baseball Hall of Famer, successfully against the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. in this personal injury claim.  Result:  Confidential settlement.   

Client Assaulted by a Crewmember on a Cruise Ship

Dear Jack, Bjorg, and the whole team at Hickey Law Firm,

I cannot thank you enough for all your time, energy, hard work, and dedication you gave to my case and to my well-being. 

You made the whole process less intimidating and I felt truly supported through it all.

Jack was such a strong force and always looked for the best way to proceed with the case with my needs in mind. 

Bjorg reached out to me many times and was very available when I had questions or concerns. 

Jack, Bjorg and Amanda helped explain so many of the details to me in a way I could understand and feel in-the-know of what was happening at each stage. 

I had countless helpers on their team to make this process comprehendible and less painful. 

I am so pleased with the outcome and glad to be able to put the situation that lead to this suit behind me and start truly moving forward and getting healthier. 

A million thank yous to Hickey Law Firm.