What To Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

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Number one, of course, report it. Call the police. That's number one. Get that done. Number two is, take photos. Hey, a picture's worth a thousand words. There's a reason why people say that, and it's really true. Pull out your phone and start taking pictures. Take photos of your car, their car, the other person, the other driver who caused this. And if you're injured, of course, have somebody else take it. Make sure they take shots of the entire intersection, shots of your car that's damaged, from close up, from far away. Their car, the other car that's damaged close up and far away. And like I say, the entire area, the intersection. So do that. The third thing, and I tell everybody this for any kind of incident, get the name and the contact information for all witnesses. You know, they're very valuable. People want to hear from the real witnesses who were there.