What Do I Have to Prove to Win A Brain Injury Case?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: You’ve got to persuade and tell the jury, A: How the brain injury happens, and B: What that caused. And of course, you have to get the right scans because there’s some scans that can pick up some brain injury. And then the second thing is you’ve got to know what questions to ask. People with brain injuries are probably the worst people to ask what’s wrong with them. I mean, they know something’s different, but they just don’t know what. And a lot of people want to deny that there is anything wrong with them, but their husband, wife, significant other, their friends, their lovers, whatever they’re going to come up and say: I mean, he doesn’t want to admit it, but he can’t remember anything. Or, he doesn’t know where he is, or he’s cranky all the time. He argues with me all the time now. [He] doesn’t agree with anything. That’s the kind of thing that is involved in mild or moderate traumatic brain injury. Those are the two things you have to get across.

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