Sexual Assault on Cruise Ship—What Do I Do?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What you should do first of all is report it. You need to get help. Do not think that you are doing anything wrong or have done anything wrong. You haven’t. You’re the victim. You need to report it. You need to report it as soon as possible. You need to report it onboard and get an examination—A rape kit examination. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is you the victim, or the victim’s family need to report this to the FBI. The cruise lines will want to communicate directly with the FBI because the cruise lines want to tell the FBI their version of the story. You should contact the FBI. When you get off the ship, you need to be examined as well, and you need to finally, you need to go to a psychologist or a counselor, and you need to make appointments and get that help that you need.

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