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Miami injury lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey and the legal team at Hickey Law Firm, P.A. work tirelessly to obtain the compensation that personal injury and wrongful death victims deserve. Here are some of the verdicts and settlements obtained by our firm:

$4.5 million verdict in car crash "survivor action." Miami, FL-  John H. (Jack) Hickey and Bjorg Eikeland, trial lawyers with Hickey Law Firm in Miami, FL, received a $4.5 Million jury verdict on behalf of their client, the personal representative of the Estate of Maria Deposada. The verdict was reached in Miami-Dade County Florida Circuit Court last Friday night, September 16, 2016.  This verdict is completely supported by the overwhelming objective and subjective evidence in the record.   This case arose out of a car crash.  It happened on July 8, 2008.  An intern for Pernod Ricard, USA LLC, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard (Pernod), the multinational liquor conglomerate, drove a Ford Taurus leased by Pernod and ran a red light in midtown Miami.  The Ford crashed broadside into another car, a 3 series BMW, in which 89 year old Maria Deposada was a front seat passenger. Deposada filed suit for her personal injuries but died of unrelated causes 4 ½ years after the car crash.

$8 Million. Case involving car crash with roll over where the police report described accident the opposite way that our client said it happened.  Client suffered a fracture of cervical vertebrae and was rendered a quadriplegic in the crash.   

$7.1 Million. Passenger v. Singlescruise.com: Cruise organizer sponsored an excursion which was an excursion in Cozumel which was a party with unlimited drinking and diving from a seawall into the ocean. Client dove in, hit his head, and became a quadriplegic. 

$12 Million. Adkins v. Florida Keys Dive Center:  Dive boat backs over two of its own divers causing head and brain injuries.  Read more here. 

$6 Million. Doe (Passenger) v. Cruise Line:  Cruise ship orchestra platform lowered then Master of Ceremonies directs passenger to walk across stage and in to orchestra pit. Passenger suffers massive internal injuries and traumatic brain injury. 

$9 Million. Doe (Passenger) v. Cruise Line: Crew member assaults and batters and sexually batters Passenger in cabin. 

$2.998 Million, Friday, May 13, 2011. Federal Judge Ursula Ungaro awarded $2,998,155.70 to a Carnival cruise ship passenger who was injured in a slip and fall accident. Click here to read more. 

$3.389 Million, Friday, May 19, 2006. A jury in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court awarded $3,384,185 to a former cruise ship first officer against Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for claims of negligence and unseaworthiness. Read more about this case in our “In The News” section.

$2.59 Million jury verdict against the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Central Parking for the negligence of a valet driver pinning a pedestrian, a lawyer from Brazil, between cars. Read more about this case in our “In The News” section.

$2.5 Million awarded in a maritime law case in Tampa, Florida, to a seaman from Honduras who suffered burns on his hand and arm when a welder in a shipyard lit paint on fire and then spilled it on the seaman.

$1.733 Million jury verdict against a Roadhouse Grill restaurant in favor of a woman who injured her hand on a bench, requiring multiple hand surgeries. Click here to read more. 

$1.01 Million awarded in a car accident lawsuit in Miami, Florida, to the driver of a van hit by a tow truck.

$900,000 awarded in a personal injury lawsuit against the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, to a University of Miami student who sustained multiple orthopedic injuries after she was hit by an uninsured motorist while she was participating in a scavenger hunt organized by the university.

$885,000 received in a medical malpractice case against a cardiologist who misdiagnosed a heart attack, which resulted in the patient’s death.

$800,000 settlement on the final day of trial for a cruise ship passenger who suffered injury from a loose seat in a cruise ship spa. The passenger was seated on a stool at the spa when, because of negligent maintenance and inspection, the loose seat came off, causing her to fall 4 to 5 feet to the ceramic floor and suffer through nearly 8 years of extensive medical treatment for her back, as well as what is likely a lifetime of chronic back pain.

$650,000 received for a slip and fall on a cruise ship, which resulted in permanent mid-carpal ligament damage to the right hand of a chiropractor.

$650,000 awarded in a personal injury lawsuit against Sunrise Music Theater in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to a woman who injured her knee in a slip and fall, which required arthroscopy and a knee replacement.

$600,000 wrongful death settlement for a construction accident involving hydrogen sulfide poisoning, confined space and OSHA violations. Martinez v. Florida Power & Light Co., Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, case number 04-2817 CA 21. Florida Power & Light Co. (FP&L) owns and is responsible for maintaining the manholes into which it runs cable. That includes the manhole at 18th Street and Bay Road in Miami Beach, Florida. On October 10, 2002, employees of a subcontractor of Florida Power & Light Co. went into the manhole not realizing that the manhole was filled with hydrogen sulfide gas. At high levels of concentration, the gas numbs the olfactory nerves that allow us to have the sense of smell, and the hydrogen sulfide becomes undetectable without gas detection equipment. The men apparently failed to use gas detectors or other required safety equipment. FP&L also failed to provide these men with the safety training and the information on the incidence of hydrogen sulfide in manholes in Miami Beach, which FP&L provides its own employees. FP&L utilizes the same subcontractor on a regular basis. One of the men on the job went into the manhole. The supervisor (and person in charge of safety on the job), Osvaldo Martinez, went down to rescue his buddy. Both of them died in the manhole. The estate of the decedent Martinez recovered $600,000, even though Martinez was the supervisor on the job. FP&L had a duty to the employees of its contractors to keep the workplace safe.

$500,000 awarded in a personal injury lawsuit in Miami, Florida, to a Honduran maintenance man injured by a ditch digger that jumped out of a trench and climbed up his legs. Plastic surgeries required.

$500,000 awarded in Miami, Florida, in a medical malpractice case in which the hospital misdiagnosed a woman who suffered from Lupus and performed unnecessary surgery on her.

$365,000 settlement in a car accident case in which a man driving a Bentley struck the victim, a pedestrian, clipping his left leg and fleeing the scene, causing a spiral fracture of the victim’s tibia that required surgery to insert a rod and later a surgery to remove the rod.

$350,000 awarded in a personal injury lawsuit against Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to a woman who slipped and fell on a wooden ramp at the edge of a curb, fracturing her arm and requiring three surgeries.

$320,000 awarded in a seaman’s wrongful death case in Miami, Florida

$315,000 awarded in a car accident lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to a pedestrian who was walking on the wrong side of the road when he was hit by a car.

$275,000 awarded in a personal injury lawsuit in Miami, Florida, to a 64-year-old woman who fractured her patella after she slipped and fell in a puddle of water in a bowling alley.

$215,000 awarded in a car accident lawsuit in Miami, Florida, to a 12-year-old who suffered crush injuries to one knee when caught between two cars.

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT. Seaman receives traumatic brain injury, open skull fracture. John Doe v. ABC Corp. and XYZ Corp. The plaintiff was a crewmember of a small fishing boat in Key Largo. The boat was engaged in fishing with a net. The captain of the boat threw a lead weight into the water to scare the fish into the net. Instead of going into the water, the weight hit the plaintiff on the side of the head, crushed in his skull and threw him into the water. Plaintiff was pulled out of the water, administered CPR and taken to shore, from where he was flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s trauma center. He underwent a craniectomy (brain surgery), and then seven months later, he underwent surgery to apply a plate to the fracture area. The surgeries were performed by Dr. Phillip Villanueva. The defendants contended that the plaintiff was employed by a small company that had no insurance and no assets, except for the fishing boats. We plead and obtained documents that indicated there was a joint venture between this company and the company that owned the fishing boat. The issue on damages included the extent of the brain injury. Both sides had retained neuropsychologists and neurologists.

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT. Traumatic brain injury involving a closed head injury with no loss of consciousness and no economic loss. Jane Doe and John Doe, her husband, v. South Florida Stadium Corp. (Pro Player Stadium). Jane Doe was with her husband standing at a window to purchase tickets at Pro Player Stadium when an employee of the stadium pulled down a metal sign from above where the plaintiff was standing. The sign hit the head of the plaintiff. She went for treatment by the emergency medical team onsite. There was no loss of consciousness. Plaintiff suffered headaches constantly after that. She was treated by a neurologist and by a neuropsychologist. Plaintiff was starting a new job, coincidentally, the day after the accident. At that job, she made more money than she did prior to the accident.