Yet Another Ship With Sick Passengers Asks To Dock At Fort Lauderdale

Over the past several days Florida officials have been debating whether to allow two Holland America cruise ships dock, after many of the ships’ passengers have come down with flu-like symptoms. Several of the ship’s passengers have tested positive for COVID-19. Yesterday Florida’s governor Rick DeSantis expressed his opposition to allowing the ships to dock, while Senator Rick Scott seems ready to accept the passengers, albeit with strict safety precautions.

Now, yet another cruise ship with sick passengers is also asking to dock at Fort Lauderdale. reports that Princess Cruises’ ship Coral Princess is sailing toward South Florida with a “higher-than-normal” rate of passengers displaying flu-like symptoms. In a statement, the company said that many of the sick passengers have already tested positive for the flu, but none have tested positive for COVID-19. Ship officials have nevertheless asked guests to self-isolate out of an abundance of caution. Workers are taking meals to passengers’ rooms so that passengers do not have to roam about the ship. And even crew members are ordered to stay in their rooms when they are not working.

The Coral Princess is set to arrive at Port Everglades on April 4. As of now, it is not clear whether Florida’s authorities will allow the ship to dock.