Royal Caribbean CEO Claims Cruising Will Not Change In An “Essential Way” Due to Coronavirus

In an interview with, Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., said that he believes cruising will not change in any essential way due to coronavirus.

“If there had never been a COVID-19, it would be different today than it was a year ago. Because one of the things that we’re proudest about the industry is that the industry is constantly changing and adapting to people’s tastes,” Fain told the cruise review site. 

Fain says that before returning to the seas the company will ensure that it does everything necessary in order to ensure passengers’ safety. At the same time, the company must attempt to remain true to its public image of providing fun carefree and exciting vacation experiences. 

“We have a team of people who are devoting day and night to visualizing how this might look in a different way, but a consistent way,” he said. 

Fain attempted to frame the changes in terms of an ever-evolving cruise industry that has been undergoing constant change for years, saying “So, it will be different a year from now. It will be different two years from now. And I think at the end of it, each person will come back and say that was even better than it was.”

Due to increased governmental regulations, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) no-sail order which extends through July 24, Fain was not able to say exactly what passengers should expect from cruising in the future. So far, Royal Caribbean is unsure when ships will sail again, how many ships will be involved in the first round of voyages, or which destinations will be on the itinerary.