Report: 30 Cruise Ships Currently At Sea – Many Currently Unable to Find a Port

Over the past several weeks we have been blogging almost daily about how the international coronvirus pandemic is affecting cruising. Many cruise companies are currently undergoing a 30-day period of voluntary cessation of activity, even as ports around the world deny entry to ships that are currently at sea. reports that at most recent count there are approximately 30 cruise ships currently at sea, many of them searching for a port. 

Some passengers are complainig that they were forced to cruise, even in face of the deadly outbreak, or lose the money they had paid for the cruise. “Up until the day that we left [cancelling] was not an option,” cruise passenger Jay Martinez told CNN.” And with us having so much money invested into our honeymoon, we had no other choice but to board the ship,” he said. Jay and his wife Carmen are currently aboard the Norwegian Jewel on their honeymoon.

The Jewel is hoping to call on Hawaii, but the ship has already been denied port multiple times and it is currently unclear if Hawaiian authorities will allow the ship to enter. 

Despite the cruise industry’s current challenges, there have been signs of hope. A Carnival cruise ship stationed at Galveston, TX used the ship’s cabin lights to send the message “1 Love, We Will be back.”