Princess Cruise Line Awaiting Sentencing for Employee’s Explosion Death

The Otago Daily Times reports that a crew member of the Emerald Princess cruise ship was killed in February 2017 when a gas cylinder exploded in Port Chalmers. The worker had been assigned the duty of checking nitrogen cylinders which are used to propel life boats. After filling one of the cylinders and putting it into operation it suddenly exploded, killing him.

Princess Cruise Line, the owner of the Emerald Princess, is currently involved in a lawsuit over the employee’s death. In a hearing on the matter yesterday the judge presiding over the case, Judge Kevin Phillips, indicated that the staff had not been properly trained on how fill and maintain the cylinders.

Many of the cylinders aboard the ship, including the one that exploded, showed “heavy signs of wear” the report indicates.

Princess pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the death and is currently awaiting the judge’s ruling on damages.