Investigation Into Toddler’s Death Includes Possible Cruise Company Negligence

A week after an 18 month old toddler fell to her death from the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas cruise ship, police in Puerto Rico are investigating possible negligence by the cruise line.


RTV6 reports that the Puerto Rican police are looking into many possibilities, including that the cruise company may have played a role in the girl’s death. While initial reports indicated that the girl’s grandfather, the last person to hold her before her fall, may have been holding her over the side of the ship in the moments before her fall, the victim’s family denied the reports.

The family of the victim, named Chloe, says that her grandfather lifted her up to a place on the ship where he believed there was a window. By the time he realized that there was no window there it was too late. 

Puerto Rican police say that multiple angles are under investigation.