How Do I Bring a Claim Against the Cruise Lines?

In this video Miami cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey discusses how to bring suit against a cruise line. At Hickey Law Firm, P.A. we get that question all the time. Here is what is involved:

First, you should keep in mind that the cruise lines require that you bring a claim against them in the city which is designated in the ticket. For most of the major cruise lines – Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines – that city is Miami, Florida. 

Another thing to remember is that Maritime law applies to an accident which occurs on a cruise ship. So what you want to do is one look for a lawyer who is located in Miami, Florida and who practices Maritime law, an attorney who is a Maritime law specialist. That is a particular area of the law that most attorneys do not practice.  

The other thing to look for is someone who knows how  the cruise lines work from the inside because it’s one thing to know the law it’s another thing to actually know how business works in that industry. So you want to look for a lawyer who actually has represented cruise lines for a significant amount of time.

In summary, you should look for a Miami, Florida Maritime lawyer who has
represented the cruise lines for a significant period of time.