Top 10 Things You Should Do if Sexually Assaulted on a Cruise Ship

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Sexual assault is the number one crime that occurs onboard cruise ships. If you have been assaulted as a cruise passenger, it’s important to protect your case and your rights.

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Steps to Take After Cruise Ship Sexual Assault or Rape

Below are ten important steps you should take if you have been sexually assaulted or raped on a cruise ship:

  1. Report the crime immediately to the security officer onboard the ship.
  2. Go to the ship’s infirmary to report the incident and to obtain treatment for any physical injuries. Although it may seem against your natural instincts, it is best to NOT shower or wash your clothes/bedding until you have had a forensic examination by qualified medical personnel. Doing so could destroy valuable evidence.
  3. Collect the names of the crewmembers who were involved (that is, the perpetrators).   
  4. Gather names and contact information from passengers with any information.  This would include anyone who heard or saw any of the events leading up to, during, or after the incident.
  5. Call the FBI to report the crime. Yes, they do investigate these incidents.  Demand that the cruise line allow you to call the FBI and speak to the agent.  The cruise lines are obligated to allow you to speak to the FBI.  The cruise lines want to contact the FBI themselves to give to the FBI their side of the story, but you the victim should speak to the FBI and you have the right to speak to them.  And the cruise line has the obligation to make that happen.  
  6. Upon arriving at your disembarkation port in the United States, go immediately to the nearest rape treatment center. Every hospital in the United States has one. The ERs of U.S. hospitals have rules and protocols for treating and testing for rape.
  7. Get proper medical care as soon as possible for your physical injuries. This may include a gynecologist, orthopedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, and internist or family doctor.
  8. Take photos of any physical injuries or bruises. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and can be incredibly powerful evidence in your case.
  9. Seek psychological counseling.
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Experienced Representation for Cruise Ship Assault Victims

The General Maritime Law applies to any personal injuries and to sexual assaults and rapes onboard cruise ships.  John H. (Jack) Hickey is double Board Certified by The Florida Bar as both an Admiralty and Maritime Lawyer and a Civil Trial Lawyer. If you have been a victim of cruise ship sexual assault or rape anywhere in the world, it is important to remember that what happened to you was not your fault. It was the fault of two parties only: the person who committed the crime and the cruise line whose negligence allowed that crime to happen. Our Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime attorney Jack Hickey and his team of experienced legal professionals can help you file an effective case against these parties.

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