Standards of Care

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The practice of medicine is an exceptionally sensitive and delicate matter. A physician can do everything right and still end up facing a tragic outcome. The law recognizes this and does not characterize every tragedy as medical malpractice.

However, the law does not, cannot and should not completely fail to hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes. To provide for justice to the victim and fairness to the medical professional, legal codes around the country work characterize medical malpractice as a violation of a "standard of care."

We discuss what that means on this page. But you should know that medical malpractice cases quite complicated. Our Miami lawyers are equipped to navigate these difficult waters.

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What is a Standard of Care?

When practiced correctly, medicine is both cooperative and evidence-based. Physicians learn from the accumulated experience of their peers how best to diagnose and treat conditions. Medical schools teach these processes, and doctors are expected to keep up with new developments in their fields.

The accepted practice for diagnosing or treating a condition is known as a "standard of care." It's defined as something that a reasonable medical professional would know to do in a given circumstance.

Take, for example, a patient who visits a doctor's office complaining of severe abdominal pains. That can potentially be any of a number of conditions, ranging in severity from bad gas to a dangerous ulcer. A mis-diagnosis can prove fatal.

As such, doctors are expected to take certain steps when diagnosing that patient. There are tests that should be performed and questions that should be asked. A doctor who fails to take these steps and misses the diagnosis places his or her patient at risk and might be liable in a medical malpractice suit.

It is difficult to determine if a given case qualifies as medical malpractice or is, instead, simply a tragic case that is not legally actionable. Our Miami medical malpractice lawyers understand the difference. They know the relevant standards of care and are always open and up-front with you about your case.

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