Negligent Security on Cruise Ships

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Cruise lines have an obligation to provide a safe environment for passengers. When you board a cruise ship, you assume that the ship's security guards and officers will provide you with the protection you need to have peace of mind on your vacation. Unfortunately, many ships lack proper security, or the existing security personnel are negligent, leaving passengers vulnerable to injury from an accident or assault.

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Consequences of Inadequate Security on a Cruise Ship

Negligent security on a cruise ship can lead to dangerous situations, including:

  • Cruise ship assault (By another passenger or by a crewmember) 
  • Cruise ship sexual assault (By another passenger or by a crewmember)
  • Rape (By another passenger or by a crewmember)
  • Drowning

When potential harm is foreseeable on a cruise ship, the cruise line must take reasonable steps to limit the passengers' risk level.

The cruise lines should provide sufficient and sufficiently trained security onboard the ships.  These security personnel and security devices (like monitored security cameras) should provide the capabilities to detect problems onboard the ships.  The cruise lines should provide personnel sufficient to circulate around the ship, to monitor the security cameras, and to prevent violence. 

Often, passengers and crewmembers display conduct which is suspicious, violent, crazy, or threatening to the safety of other passengers. The cruise lines security personnel and program should detect this behavior and monitor and stop it. 

Passengers sometimes report criminal activity or suspicious behavior to security personnel. However, if the security team does not have enough patrols available to respond to all demands, the report may never be addressed in time. If a serious injury occurs because of this lack of security, the cruise line can and should be held responsible for negligence.

The cruise lines should properly screen and investigate its crewmembers before they are hired.  After the crewmembers are hired, the cruise line should train them and monitor their activities.  

The Experience You Need: Board-Certified Maritime Attorney

If you have suffered injury on a cruise ship as the result of negligent security, you may only have a short amount of time to file a claim against the cruise line. It is essential to seek the advice of an attorney who not only has experience handling these types of cases, but also understands the tactics that cruise lines and their insurance companies will use to fight your claim.

John H. (Jack) Hickey represented cruise lines, insurance companies, and other corporations  for the first 17 years of his career.  For over 10 years, Hickey has fought for the rights of the victims of corporate negligence. As one of only a few lawyers in Florida who is Board-Certified in both Civil Trial and in Admiralty and Maritime Law, you can trust Attorney Hickey to provide you with the experienced representation you need to pursue a successful claim.

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