Cruise Ship Safety Drills

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Cruise ship safety drills help to minimize the risk of injuries during emergencies, but in the process of recreating high-risk situations, the simulations can be equally as dangerous. Crewmembers injured in safety drills or family members who lost a loved one in a safety drill should contact Miami injury lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey to seek justice against a negligent cruise line.

Attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey is the foremost name for injured passengers and workers involved in cruise ship accidents and cruise ship assaults. He is frequently requested to offer insight and his legal opinion regarding cruise ship sinkings in the news, and he has appeared on over 25 major television programs nationwide. As a former attorney for cruise lines, Hickey understands how the industry operates, and he can help you navigate the intricacies of maritime law to achieve successful results.

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About Safety Drills for Cruise Workers

Although passengers who cruise frequently know that there is a safety drill at the beginning of their journey, other safety drills that take place on the ship only involve cruise employees. Cruise lines are responsible for the safety of their own workers, as well as passengers onboard the ships.

In one fatal accident that occurred in February of 2013, five crewmembers died during a lifeboat safety drill aboard the Thomson Majesty ship in Spain’s Canary Islands. The crew successfully lowered a lifeboat to the water, but a cable snapped as they were bringing the lifeboat back up. The boat fell 65 feet and landed upside down, killing five and injuring three others.

Responsibility in Safety Drill Accidents

This type of equipment failure is not acceptable. Cruise operators are responsible for making sure that each piece of equipment is up to code to ensure the safety of their employees. A thorough investigation must be made into whether cruise line negligence is responsible for the workers injuries and deaths. A cruise line might be liable for failing to properly train its employees, for purchasing defective equipment or failing to properly maintain its equipment.

Through civil litigation, victims and family members can receive compensation for injuries, loss, trauma, medical bills and pain and suffering. It could also result in new safety standards to prevent this sort of terrible tragedy from happening again.

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