On-board Fire Strands Carnival Triumph

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A year after an on-board fire disabled the the massive cruise ship Costa Allegra in the Pacific Ocean, another major ship, this time owned by Carnival, has become disabled at sea by an engine fire.

At the writing of this blog, passengers are still adrift aboard the Carnival Triumph, a 4,200 passenger cruise ship which suffered an engine room fire Sunday.  Passengers are reporting worsening conditions aboard the ship, which is adrift near Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Passengers  report a loss of running water, a lack of adequate functioning toilets, and low supplies of potable water and food, as some of their main concerns.  Published reports, many of which cite conversations passengers aboard the ship have had with their relatives back home, indicate that some of the passengers actually slept on the deck of the ship.

With 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew aboard, the Carnival Triumph is carrying roughly the same number of passengers as the Costa Concordia, which sank off the coast of Italy in January 2012.  Though crew members are reportedly working to restore power to the Triumph, the Carnival Corporation has indicated that the ship will have to be towed by tug boats back to Progreso, Mexico.  This will certainly seem like an eternity for passengers who are reportedly going to the bathroom in bags.

Meanwhile, Carnival has announced that the passengers on the trip will all receive a full refund.  With this devastating fire occurring just two years after the Carnival Splendor was left adrift off the coast of Mexico for four days in a similar fire, I think the passengers would prefer Carnival get its act together.

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